Windows 7 for less than 30% of PCs

Netmarketshare published the latest statistics on the shares of operating systems and browsers. As could be expected, we are observing a steady trend of an increase in the share of Windows 10 and a decrease in Windows 7. Finally, it seems possible that by the end of support (January 2020) Seven will go down to a safe low. Of course, Ten takes over, which, according to a recent Microsoft report, is already on over 900 million active computers.


As of September, Windows 7 had a small but significant decline. Its share decreased from 30.34% to 28.17%. Everything indicates that its users are switching to Windows 10, which in the last month was already at 52.38% of PCs. As for the other versions of Windows, they have marginal significance. Windows 8.1 was at 4.37%, Windows XP at 2.67%, and Windows 8 at 0.77% of the devices tested.


In the browser segment, Chrome is still the unquestioned leader, which practically does not fall below 60%, and in September it was already on 67.11% of the tested PCs. Firefox had a slight increase with a share of 9.20%, while Internet Explorer 11 had a slight decrease (to 6.85%). Interestingly, old IE still has more users than Edge, which was only on 3.70% of desktops.

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