Windows and Xbox parental controls also available on Android

Time spent daily in front of the screen is a matter many families think about, and parental controls in Windows and Xbox One allow you to precisely designate it for your child's account. The possibilities to monitor and limit the time spent in applications and games go beyond Windows 10 and Xbox One and become available on Android. The Microsoft Launcher application makes this possible.

The time of using devices is an option that allows parents to determine the possible time of use of each device by a child – for example, an hour on a PC and an hour on the console or two hours for use on any devices within the family group. Now, thanks to the new limit function for use in games and applications, users can:

  • Determine how much time children can spend on specific games and applications. This allows more precise control than setting a limit for the entire device, as well as balancing the time spent on fun and learning.
  • Apply these limits to Windows 10 devices, Xbox One consoles, and children's Android phones. It is responsible for handling these limits on the smartphone Microsoft Launcher. Thanks to this, "Netflix hour per day" means an hour, regardless of the device. After using the time, e.g. on the phone, it is not possible to switch to a computer and run the same application.
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Parents often also introduce different limits for working / school days and different limits for weekends. Family settings also adapt to this. You can even set different rules for each day of the week.

Time to use devices - Windows 10, Xbox One, Android

Microsoft's most important goal is to provide flexibility in the function of device usage time so that it adapts to the specific needs of each family. To start using it, you must create a family group ("Your family") and add a child account to it – this should be a Microsoft account. The company encourages parents to talk to children about their goals, passions, and ways of using technology to set reasonable boundaries. When the end of the game is approaching (for example, 15 minutes to the end), the child is informed about it in advance at the bottom of the screen.

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