Xbox Live with the option of filtering offensive messages

Toxic comments in the gaming environment belong to everyday life, but that does not mean that they are widely accepted. Microsoft has repeatedly emphasized that it is important to build a positive community of players that does not exclude and in which everyone can play safely and responsibly. To be able to realize this vision, you need tools that will deal with the flood of offensive content. One of them is becoming available.

Xbox Live was created almost two decades ago and throughout this period Microsoft has been constantly learning and investing in new tools to make Xbox an inclusive game space. In this way, among others community standards were set, reporting unacceptable behavior added, improved family settings, and positive patterns were promoted with the participation of Xbox Ambassadors. Now the giant has finally managed to give users more control over the content of communication. This does not mean censorship! Users will be able to choose the filtering level themselves.

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Although most of the communication on Xbox Live is harmless, not everyone interprets things the same way. So some messages can make some players feel uncomfortable. It may depend on different cultural conditions or personal preferences. Even a single person may have different acceptance thresholds depending on the scenario. To give the player control over the messages they want to see, Microsoft adds content filtering functions, especially text.

With this update, you can set your own levels of automatic filtering, so you can decide what's acceptable and what's not in the text messages you receive on Xbox Live. Filter levels can be personalized based on four filter levels – Friendly, Moderate, Adult, No filtering.

– Dave McCarthy, Corporate Vice President, Xbox Operations

Of course, despite the use of filters, it may happen that we receive a message that violates community standards. Then we can still report this message. Microsoft adds that filtering options are flexible and suited to all ages, so parents, for example, can use other options for their children. These features will become more widely available this fall and will gradually begin to cover the Xbox ecosystem, from private messages to later embracing profiles, groups, clubs and activity lists. Xbox Insideers can test them today.

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