» 6 hours ago

Microsoft researchers have developed the AI ​​system, which through practice learned the secrets of Mahjong and thus competed with the most talented players. The rules of this game requiring cunning […]

» 7 hours ago

After analyzing the status of implementations Exchange Server 2010 Microsoft decided to delay the termination of its support. The giant claims that its commitments to the evolving needs of customers […]

» 9 hours ago

Microsoft hosts several cyclical conferences, addressed to developers, partners, business representatives, clients and more. These events also occupy an important place in our calendar. Usually the company announces them separately, […]

» 10 hours ago

The latest part of the franchise Gears of War was released at the beginning of September and according to today's report, she became a record holder in the first week […]

» 11 hours ago

Windows Core OS is one of those Microsoft projects that are somewhat kept secret, but about which we know quite a lot due to leaks. On the other hand, WCOS […]

» 12 hours ago

The cumulative update KB4515384 released last Tuesday has already become infamous due to new sound issues, the SearchUI.exe process, as well as Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity. When it comes to […]

» 13 hours ago

Wi-Fi Alliance has officially started the certification program for Wi-Fi 6. Wi-Fi 6 is based on the 802.11ax standard and has in fact appeared on more than one device from […]

» 14 hours ago

Paolo Gentiloni, former Prime Minister of Italy and a member of the European Commission from November 1, announces that the European Union will introduce a tax on digital services, even […]

» 15 hours ago

Dozens, if not hundreds of OEMs compete on the smartphone market, but when it comes to operating systems, the choice is actually limited to Android and iOS. This choice is […]

» 16 hours ago

The letter, regardless of the language we take on the wallpaper, in addition to letters or numbers, usually also contains a large number of symbols. Nowadays, it can be successfully […]

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