» 8 months ago

Although Notepad is one of the simplest programs present in the structure of the Windows operating system, as it turns out, its incorrect operation can cause a lot of trouble […]

» 8 months ago

Seven applications available for several days in the Google Play store allowed to read text messages, view photos and collect information about the location of others. After the intervention of […]

» 8 months ago

Firefox has taken a step towards integration with the VPN service. If the user will use it in an unsecured network, for example after connecting to a publicly available HotSpot, […]

» 8 months ago

Office 365 is a growing service and cybercriminals have decided to use this fact. A fake website was created that impersonates the Microsoft platform. Visitors to the site are encouraged […]

» 8 months ago

A secure WiFi network above all requires that devices that you allow it to connect to and that no outsiders can eavesdrop on it. The basic security is the password […]

» 8 months ago

Not only Cloudfire, but also Voxility, a server service provider, does not want to be associated with 8chan. This of course means completely turning off the controversial forum. Interestingly, by […]

» 11 months ago

To answer this question, we’ve prepared a list of the best sites in 2019, including the following information to enable you to assess them yourself. year of creation – this […]

» 12 months ago

Good antivirus software is the foundation of the security of a Windows computer. Although Windows Defender is built into the system – it is not one hundred percent sufficient. In […]

» 12 months ago

An introduction to Win32 malware.gen Threat The threat of Win32 malware.gen is a very dangerous threat that is developed by several remote hackers in order to damage your computer completely. […]

» 1 year ago

It is impossible to hide that over the last decade, the Internet, as well as most of the services available through it, has undergone profound changes. The dynamic development of […]

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