» 17 hours ago

Surface Pro line in October will get a version with an Intel Core i3 processorand meanwhile Microsoft will go in a completely different direction with Surface Laptop 3. Some time […]

» 18 hours ago

Failure is chasing failure, and Google is still stubbornly unwilling to let go of the PC market. Apparently, the situation of ChromeOS and Chromebooks operating under it is not so […]

» 19 hours ago

Microsoft will show us new Surface devices in October. Leaks occurring in turn have allowed us to form a certain vision of what we will see at this conference. Now […]

» 20 hours ago

Minecraft stubbornly doesn't want to stop being a global phenomenon. More than a decade after the uprising, you can expect the giant to fall, but it is just the opposite. […]

» 21 hours ago

We live in a time of many antagonisms in which Western societies are exceptionally divided. Corporations, theoretically apolitical, try to fight for the client by declaring their views on many […]

» 22 hours ago

Cumulative update package made available on previous tuesday was supposed to be a cure for all errors, and above all for the one related to the SearchUI.exe process, which was […]

» 3 days ago

Google Chrome and the new Microsoft Edge have been providing global playback controls for some time. The name can be a bit confusing. This is not about global (system-wide) volume […]

» 3 days ago

If you want to explore the world from a bird's eye view in high quality and without leaving your home, you are lucky, because registration for the first technical alpha […]

» 3 days ago

YouTube is making big changes to the way it counts views. The reason for this was the discovery that artists and labels use not entirely honest ways to punch them. […]

» 4 days ago

Down Microsoft hardware conference less than three weeks left, but yesterday we assumed that probably not everyone will be so patient and more than once there will be leaks, speculation […]

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