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» 1 week ago

Apple is not sacred and has proved it many times. The developer environment even has the term "sherlocked", which means a situation in which the giant decided to adapt the […]

» 2 weeks ago

Your phone is an extremely intensively developed application that already has most of the basic functionalities related to, among others with notification support, file transfer, using the phone's screen inside […]

» 3 weeks ago

One of the most important functions of your phone is notification synchronization, i.e. the ability to read, reject and respond to phone notifications in both the application and toast notifications […]

» 1 month ago

Cash is slowly becoming a thing of the past, and the use of digital money is becoming increasingly popular. This trend can be criticized by pointing to the independence of […]

» 1 month ago

What is the Whiteboard app? As the name suggests (white board), it's simply an interactive space to which we can transfer our ideas and work with them in a variety […]

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