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» 3 months ago

Although Notepad is one of the simplest programs present in the structure of the Windows operating system, as it turns out, its incorrect operation can cause a lot of trouble […]

» 3 months ago

Office 365 is a growing service and cybercriminals have decided to use this fact. A fake website was created that impersonates the Microsoft platform. Visitors to the site are encouraged […]

» 4 months ago

Not only Cloudfire, but also Voxility, a server service provider, does not want to be associated with 8chan. This of course means completely turning off the controversial forum. Interestingly, by […]

» 9 months ago

Google recommends Windows 7 users to stop acting on sentiment and take care of their security. Due to the 0-day vulnerability, Google recommends switching from a nearly 10-year system to […]

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