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» 3 months ago

In recent years, Microsoft has repeatedly released firmware updates for Surface tablets and laptops repeatedly to improve battery management. Despite this problems in this matter so far are not uncommon. […]

» 4 months ago

Microsoft presented at the October hardware conference a completely new category of devices with two screens and a special version of Windows. This category will be opened next year by […]

» 4 months ago

We already know that Windows Core OS is a coexisting system with Windows 10 and designed for new classes of devices. One of such devices is to be foldable Surfacewhich […]

» 4 months ago

Down Microsoft hardware conference there are only two days left. The giant announces that new and innovative things will appear on it. Sources related to the topic emphasize that we […]

» 4 months ago

Windows 10 scored another milestone bringing it closer to its main goal – the presence on a full billion devices. Less than 10 percent remain to achieve it. But like […]

» 4 months ago

Microsoft shared yesterday new build 20H1 as part of the rapid circle of Windows Insider updates. Build 18985 as always, introduces several new products and a number of corrections and […]

» 5 months ago

Synchronization between devices is now the basis for functioning in the digital world. We spend as much time on the phones as on the computer and the key function is […]

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