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» 2 weeks ago

Microsoft is entering the ranks of Android phone makers, so it's time to look at what's happening with the Office mobile suite. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and many more […]

» 2 weeks ago

When we divide one number by another, we get the quotient, that is, how many times the divisor fits the dividend. He stays with sharing rest, which is a value […]

» 2 weeks ago

Microsoft has something to celebrate because it has just achieved another success on the mobile market, where it is still present through its Android and iOS applications. His apps in […]

» 3 weeks ago

At yesterday's hardware conference, Microsoft showed some interesting options in Office 365 applications. blur the written words with a pen to remove them, add text extracted from Word to audio […]

» 1 month ago

Probably everyone who used to work in Excel encountered the problem of matching the size of cells to their content. In simple sheets, we can manually expand and narrow rows […]

» 8 months ago

Last year, the giant from Redmond announced that the “My Office” application will undergo a metamorphosis – its goal is to be even easier access to, among others Office 365 […]

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