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» 1 week ago

The new revolution on the smartphone market has scored a little slip. Samsung, which has become a kind of warning for other producers, was definitely the biggest slip-up here. Galaxy […]

» 1 week ago

In September Microsoft decided to magically get rid of the problem from the Start menu and search in Windows 10. This magic spell is simply the magic of ignorance – […]

» 2 weeks ago

Your phone is an extremely intensively developed application that already has most of the basic functionalities related to, among others with notification support, file transfer, using the phone's screen inside […]

» 3 weeks ago

After updates to the existing Laptop, Pro, Audio and Pen lines, it is time for a product that can open a new category. This product is Surface Neo. Thus, Microsoft […]

» 1 month ago

Microsoft, however, listens to its users, although many of them may have the opposite impression. The truth is that the Feedback Center has been created for a reason, and has […]

» 1 month ago

Microsoft will show us new Surface devices in October. Leaks occurring in turn have allowed us to form a certain vision of what we will see at this conference. Now […]

» 1 month ago

The current name of the system update that Microsoft wants to release in the first half of 2020 is Windows 10 20H1. As individual versions of the Tenth can be […]

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