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» 9 months ago

Microsoft has some exclusive series and titles in its stable, such as Gears, Sea of ​​Thieves, Forza Motorsport, Forza Horizon whether Hello. However, it is easy to get the impression […]

» 10 months ago

Digital distribution of games has a huge advantage over this traditional – it allows you to make a purchase without leaving your home in just a few seconds. The game […]

» 10 months ago

A Kingdom for Keflings 06/01/2017 A World of Keflings 06/01/2017 absolver 07/01/2019 Abzu 01/07/2018 Aftercharge 01/11/2018 Agents of Mayhem 11/22/2018 Alien Hominid HD 06/01/2017 Ape Out 08/22/2019 Ark: Survival Evolved […]

» 10 months ago

The world of PC game launchers has become a bit bigger today, thanks to Rockstar Games and its new application. It doesn't seem like that Rockstar Games Launcher was to […]

» 10 months ago

Last month it became clear that Samsung is entering the game streaming market with its own service called PlayGalaxy Link. Unlike the xCloud and Google Stadia designs, the Samsung platform […]

» 10 months ago

Sport – especially the one at the highest level – has always been keen to learn new technologies so that, among others assisted judges, improved safety and provided spectators with […]

» 1 year ago

Of course, NVIDIA at the top. Steam statistics often tell us various interesting things about players. We can find out what system they use, what components they have in their […]

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