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» 18 hours ago

Failure is chasing failure, and Google is still stubbornly unwilling to let go of the PC market. Apparently, the situation of ChromeOS and Chromebooks operating under it is not so […]

» 5 days ago

Synchronization between devices is now the basis for functioning in the digital world. We spend as much time on the phones as on the computer and the key function is […]

» 6 months ago

It is impossible to hide that over the last decade, the Internet, as well as most of the services available through it, has undergone profound changes. The dynamic development of […]

» 6 months ago

Google recommends Windows 7 users to stop acting on sentiment and take care of their security. Due to the 0-day vulnerability, Google recommends switching from a nearly 10-year system to […]

» 7 months ago

Chrome users on Android with impatience waiting for the announced implementation of the dark theme, can breathe a sigh of relief. For the test edition of the browser and experimental […]

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