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» 3 months ago

Although Microsoft strongly marked its interest in the development of the ecosystem Android, that doesn't mean that he ignores his competitive platform iOS. Many users of Microsoft services use Apple […]

» 4 months ago

Microsoft To Do is a great application that allows you to comprehend all of our "to-do lists" we may need. In recent days, it has completed two updates on mobile […]

» 4 months ago

Microsoft is entering the ranks of Android phone makers, so it's time to look at what's happening with the Office mobile suite. Word, Excel, PowerPoint, OneNote, Outlook and many more […]

» 4 months ago

It premiered last week iOS 13 update, which turned out to be so bugged that the US Department of Defense advised against downloading it, and Apple decided to speed up […]

» 4 months ago

Apple started sharing today upgrade to iOS 13 qualifying devices. It will hit iPhones on 6S and higher models, bringing in the long-awaited features such as the global dark theme […]

» 4 months ago

Earlier this year it became clear that Finally, Microsoft Teams will allow you to work with several accounts. After all, when we are forced to log out and log in […]

» 4 months ago

Dozens, if not hundreds of OEMs compete on the smartphone market, but when it comes to operating systems, the choice is actually limited to Android and iOS. This choice is […]

» 11 months ago

Do you have an iPhone or iPad, but you do not have any useful programs? We have prepared for you a list of the top 10 free iOS applications. Have […]

» 12 months ago

Techcrunch reports that many popular applications for iOS devices record user movements that are performed on the screen. They are both taps and finger swipes. What is it done for? […]

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