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» 7 hours ago

After analyzing the status of implementations Exchange Server 2010 Microsoft decided to delay the termination of its support. The giant claims that its commitments to the evolving needs of customers […]

» 9 hours ago

Microsoft hosts several cyclical conferences, addressed to developers, partners, business representatives, clients and more. These events also occupy an important place in our calendar. Usually the company announces them separately, […]

» 10 hours ago

The latest part of the franchise Gears of War was released at the beginning of September and according to today's report, she became a record holder in the first week […]

» 12 hours ago

The cumulative update KB4515384 released last Tuesday has already become infamous due to new sound issues, the SearchUI.exe process, as well as Wi-Fi and LAN connectivity. When it comes to […]

» 21 hours ago

We live in a time of many antagonisms in which Western societies are exceptionally divided. Corporations, theoretically apolitical, try to fight for the client by declaring their views on many […]

» 3 days ago

If you want to explore the world from a bird's eye view in high quality and without leaving your home, you are lucky, because registration for the first technical alpha […]

» 4 days ago

Microsoft surprised everyone. We have been saying for many months that Cortana is not dead, and Polish users may forget about it. It turned out quite the opposite. Cortana has […]

» 4 days ago

We wrote recently about another published by Microsoft patent for a dual screen device. This patent mainly concerned a hinge and a magnetic latch that would hold both halves together. […]

» 4 days ago

Microsoft Authenticator is an application that through a one-time code generator enables secure verification of logging into Microsoft services. First of all, it allows us to opt out of passwords […]

» 5 days ago

At the Build 2019 conference Microsoft announced Collections in Edge, and last month they went to the test version of the browser. Of course, we know that this is a […]

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