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» 1 week ago

It's Friday, so it's time for the next episode It was a week with Microsoft! This time we will show, among other things, a new function in the Your Phone […]

» 2 weeks ago

Hello, Microsoft Geeks! We present the next episode It was a week with Microsoft, which we devote entirely to the giant's previous equipment conference. There was a lot going on […]

» 3 weeks ago

Hi, Microsoft Freaks! We present the next episode It was a week with Microsoftin which we'll deal with two topics. First of all, we are approaching the October Surface conference, […]

» 1 month ago

Hi and forefront Microsoft geeks! This week in It was a week with Microsoft will be a bit optimistic and we won't say a word about what has broken in […]

» 1 month ago

Microsoft surprised everyone. We have been saying for many months that Cortana is not dead, and Polish users may forget about it. It turned out quite the opposite. Cortana has […]

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