Learn to be a streamer at the Mixer Academy

I grew up in a time when kids dreamed of becoming an archeologist, astronaut, policeman or doctor. Today, a quarter of a century later, if you ask the current 10-15 year olds, in many cases their peak of ambition will be known influencer or streamer. Don't get me wrong, there is nothing wrong with it, because the most important thing is that our occupation is connected with our passion. Times just changed and the Internet changed them. That is why I was not surprised at all when Microsoft launched the new service as part of the Mixer streaming platform, which is to show new users how to be a good streamer.

Mixer Academy shows some paths we can follow – Streamer, Moderator and Power User:

  • Streamers course is intended for those who want to create and publish their own content. Following this path, we will learn how to build your own group of viewers and take care of your presence on social media.
  • Course for Moderators is to learn the secrets of moderation. The most important issue here is ensuring community security, helping other streamers and gaining knowledge about what moderators actually do.
  • Power User course teaches users of Mixer all the most important basics of the platform. We will learn how the platform works, what benefits the use of Mixer brings, and how to maintain your profile in the best form.
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When you think about it more deeply, the Mixer academy name is somewhat exaggerated, although quite apt. This is essentially extensive tutorial and guide for new users. However, it can not be hidden that this is a flourishing industry that has many years of splendor ahead of it. E-sport is no longer just fun for nerds, and streaming can be the beginning of a great e-sport, but also a media career.

Twitch has gained a serious competitor in recent months and Microsoft's service can quickly become a new market giant. The Academy was also established to teach new users to the platform, which was downloaded, among others, by the Ninja streamer taken from Twitch.

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